Wednesday, October 27, 2010


hi its meh again,October is almost over again,where the time goes.Anyway theres a lot of things happen in our daily lifes but sometimes i kinda forgot that I have a blog lol,to busy being a mom (I can used the computer if my son allowed me lol means not disturbing me).Anyway we tried to put our son in his own bedroom for 3 nights now,but last night at 2 in amorning he woke up he usually woke up that time to feed so i gave him a milk ick him up and rock him till he drink all his milk and after that put him in his crib again and me go back to our bed,he cried as usuall then suddenly we heard a bum,he climbed up on his crib and fell down,im glad nothing bad happen to him,so earlier adam lower the crib again and we took off the bumper of his crib thinking that he used it too climb up then we put him and left him again to see what hes doin,and we are right he fulled him self up and trying to step in the bumper but the bumper wasn't there so he didn't succeed,I felt bad everynight everytime i put him on his crib and left him in his bedroom,i felt bad and makes me wanna cry everytime i heared him crying when i left in a room,I kinda wishing that we did that long long time ago so it doesn't hard like that for three of us,but he need to learn to slept on his own bed,its hard to be a mom,i felt like my heart gonna break into a pieces:(

Monday, September 27, 2010

hayy fall is here i love it but not that much coz its means winter is next after that and you now how i hate winter,the thing that im looking forward to it is Justin is gonna be a year old,now is stated standing by his own,he grew so fast,im hoping and wishing that we can ggo back to the Philippines so my mom and relatives see him.Im here for 4 years now and didn't get a chance to go back there coz having a hard time to come up with a money.O yeah atleast have a good news about my green card I check it on their website and they send they already order a new card last wednesday Sept. 22 and should receive it 30 days,im happy coz i thought it gonna takes 6 mos. before i get it coz it said in their website that the processing takes 6 mos. so Im happy that i thought is gonna take that long before I get it,and all i need to do is wait for 1 more year so I can apply for my citizenship so i can able to petition my mom and my brother yeheeyy im looking forward for that so im not be here alone by myself no relatives or whatsoever...okey I should stop now it makes me lonely and homesick,,,,ciao

Thursday, September 2, 2010

oh boy!!!

Im done vacuming our carpet 5 minutes ago and i sat down in our couch for a minute,suddenly i heard Justin chewing something and he said yum yum yum,so i look at him to see what he's chewing and this is what i saw,he found the box of crackers and eating it and leave a mess after im done vacuming the floor,it make me laugh instead of being upset.

Thursday, August 19, 2010


Finally im done doing my crosstitch last monday at 1:30 am I didnt get a chance posting it so....Im so happy about it,and theres 4 more coming....I already started a new one.....

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Well,well,well im here again decided that I wanted to post something,now a days blogging is not my priority now but im gonna post once in while when I feel like it lol....its been 3 mos.since i post something, and a lot of things happen,my husband is still workin out of town for 3 and I have no Idea when this thing gonna end,I enjoyed walking with him every weekend we wanted to do it everynight but since he's always gone theres no way we can do it.Tomorrow is my appointment to the immigration for the renewal of my green card,one more year and im gonna be citizen,im excited about coz i can able to petition my relatives now but first i need to find a job before I can able to do that.And my 4 years anniversary is this coming thursday,we have no plan yet what we gonna do...about my baby,hes getting bigger and bigger and all over the place now...he was fun and funny but most of the time my mouth was not stop yellin at him or pretty much saying non stop talking to him sayin "Justin dont do that", Justin dont do this,Justin dont eat that....O yah we have a dog now,hes name is Leo a pomeranian dog,he was so stinking cute but im not pleased with him,he's whinning a lot and most of the time the baby woke up for taking a nap because of him,its so annoying I dont know when Im gonna be able to hold my patient to him,and Justin loves to fulled his hair,he was so excited first time we got Leo he has no Idea what he's gonna do because of his excitement.Now Justin started standing on his crib so we lowered his crid and found out about the stairs so we got a gate for him and for that dog so the dog wont go to our basement...Justin"s is getting fussy now so byebye...

Monday, May 10, 2010

what a face!!

Well last time Im updated my blog I was talking about my crosstitch,anyway I got my pattern and started doing it for two weeks now,half of her cloths was done im so excited to finish it and started a new one.Then yesterday is my first mother's day experience fun kinda sad thou coz i texted my sis-in-law to go to internet cafe and bring my mother so I can talk to her and to she her and so she can able to see me and Justin tru webcam but she didnt reply.I wanted to share this picture of Justin.
This is the first time that he tried to ate apple sauce and this is what he look like,I laught so hard when I looked at his face,then earlier i tried giving him a banana and I got the same reaction,Adam was telling me that probably he's not used to that taste so im gonna give him some again tomorrow to see how it goes!!he is so cute little guy!!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Im excited!!!

The other day I went to other bedroom were we put our stuff that we don't actually need it when we moved in to our house,then I remember all my crosstiching stuff and all my passion into crosstitching touch my heart again so I dig the box and went tru it so I found some of the finish product that I made that I don't feel like hangin on the wall and I found the one project that I haven't finish since we moved to our town homes in kaysville and started workin to a convinience store.So I kinda thinking it better finish doin that so It won't get wasted this is one of Thomas Kinkade painting,I bought the patterns at michaels,so I started crosstitching couple of days ago but not what I used to do now I do it couple minutes while Justin was playin then I stop when he gets fussy unlike before that I crosstitch the whole day the only time I stop is when I need to eat or cooked dinner.Now I have another project that I wanted to start again I'm excited to finish it the question is when,I don't know all I know is I'm excited to see the finish product of it some of pattern that I need it for this project is on the way right now,hopefully by the time I'm done doing it we have the computer to load the picture so I can added to my collection:)